Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Film of my Camino journey 2013.  Not terribly complete but combined with the published photos will give a good overall view of what it was like. Mari & Carol who featured in the earlier part of the film are 2 Brazilian girls I met in Pontivy and who I joined to cycle to the south of France. Mari subsequently cycled the Camino herself.

 After the privilege of cycling through Galicia and northern Spain and experience the friendship and hospitality and travelling back via coach, train and ferry the train disaster brought home the shortness of life and how it can be suddenly ended.  We should try to live for the moment and not let worry for the future drag us down  Gerry

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  1. Great stuff Gerry, you have sown the seed of adventure for all those that read this blog! Looking forward to hearing what your next trip will be. Keep on spinning, Kevin M