Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 18 tuesday 27/06/13 Beasin to Vitoria

75 K including the longest climb of my life.  650 meters to Otsaurte. Switchbacks and everything.  weather warm,  Not too hot.  Had a liitle siesta under a Tree beside a fountain in a village.  Stopped at café/bar in Vitoria dieing for a coke.  Angel by Jimi Hendrix was just starting to play as the barmaid came out to me.  Funny.  Amazing Albergue de la Catedral in Vitoria.  Recently renovated ,  Very comfortable with full facilities.  Vitoria is a lovely city ,  Full of cycle paths and also an ancient section. Rock band from the UK ' the Waybirds' were playing that night. very good.  Mari (Brazilian Girl)texted. She is going to do the Camino in a few days.

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