Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 10  Wed 19/06.  Nantes to La Rochelle. Still with girls,  They are tough.  They had never cycled this far in a single day before but stuck at it.  All roadway. 187 k on fully loaded bikes.
From north of Nantes to pick up IHCPT route. Thanks Michael & Pat.  Your map was perfect.  Thought a lot about Anthony Keane who died earlier this year.  He is the reason I'm cycling and he cycled this road quite a few times.  Road works added extra K's to trip. 
Weather AM was perfect.  Cycling through vineyards with a backing breeze.  We then had very heavy rain and for the last 50k from Lucon it cleared but we had a headwind to La Rochelle.  Checked into an Ibis (and glad to )  it was dark.  Still managed to get out for a couple of drinks.  Went to Irish bar.  (strange experience)

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