Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 8 Redon to Nantes

Wow. 110 k on tough canal bank track. Heavy rain the night before made the track sticky. No easy k. No tarmac. Steamy also after heavy rain the night before.  Map was incomplete near Nantes. Carol brilliant with the maps and taking good directions.  Really nice campsite not far from Centre Ville.

Day 7 Pontivy to Redon

Met 2 Brazilian ladies who live in Europe. Meet Mari & Carol.They are cycling to Spain to meet their partners. They are fit and were great pacers. 125k on a good surface (mostly tarmac).Saw first WAY sign (see Photo). Definitely on the way.

Day 6 Huelgot to Pontivy 16/06

73.40.  Clock broken. 95% off road flat except for the 5% which was extremely hilly. On banks of Nantes Brest canal. No traffic .Some poor surfaces. Very mixed. Very nice and sheltered. Nice campsite in an old medieval town. There was a festival on with music that was very similar to Irish.

Day 5 Roscoff to Huelgot

73.14 k 4hrs 43 mins ave 15.4 kph first part of day to Morlaix was on tarmac and quite fast. Very hilly out of Morlaix and then on to cycle way. Just like our green way. An old railway line. Great days cycling weather good and bike going well (so is the rider, ) fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stage 3 Clonmel to Rosslare harbour

124 K 6 hrs 52 min.  Nice day for cycling. Calm with a few showers. Used Google maps sat nav (bike Map )and I was brought over the worst by roads I was ever on.  Will check bike tomorrow. Cycled well and feel ok.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Stage 2 Barefield to Clonmel

132.k 6 hrs18mins ave kph 20.80 Good hard day. Showery and breezy. Breeze was behind me after Limerick. Traffic around Clonmel very heavy. Many large trucks.

Stage 1 galway to barefield

Galway to Barefield 58.1 k  3 hrs 17 min  ave kph 17.6. Nice start. Seen off by Dan. Bike is very heavy and will  take getting used to. Into a headwind.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


I'm ready at last for trip. My Camino . Bike is ready. Gear is in place. Route planned. Training completed (is it really). It is a daunting challenge. Galway to Santiago.  Approx 2300k.  Galway to Roslare. Roscoff to Irun, on to Santiago