Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 17 Wednesday 26/06 Irun to Beasin 50K

Into the unknown.  Found the WAY.  It was impassable for a bike.  After Oirtzun I went on the road.  Plan B,  using map from Carol. Met a festival in Hernani.  A mix of Tug of War and hitting people with air filled bulls bladders.  Sore thing.  Some of the local people could be Irish, Fair haired and fair skinned and

similar music.  A policeman gave me directions out of Tolosa.  Then a lovely cycle way to Beasin along a river on Tarmac.  Got to a lovely Albergue.  Great welcome by 2 Spanish hosts.  Met Arthur from Estonia, a third time walker.  Had a lovely evening discussing musice and Arthur and our hosts worked out a route for me for a few days.

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